Tree Trimming Trinity FL

Time For Some Tree Trimming?

Trees enhance the natural beauty of almost any landscape. If you need to perk up an area, you could just plant some trees and let nature do its thing. The result will always make everyone happy. Nevertheless, over time, trees can become dangerous as they grow and decay. The great outdoors has its own way of dealing with tree maintenance, but for your landscaped trees you should hire a licensed & insured tree service to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, you cannot simply cut one or two branches. Tree pruning must be done with an understanding of how trees will respond to each cut. Improper tree cutting can lead to much worse problems in the future as an unskilled cut can hurt a tree for years to come.

Main Reasons for Tree Trimming

If you are planning to trim your trees at your Trinity home or business, you should make sure you have a plan. Every branch you cut off will have an affect on the future of your tree and how it grows in the years to come. Tree cutting is not something you should do unless it is absolutely necessary. Tree maintenance can minimize many possible problems, but you should only trim as much as you need. An excessive amount of trimming can lead to a loss of nutrients for your tree which can lead to poor health. In the event this happened your tree might starve to death, literally. Increasing direct sunlight and increasing air flow are two appropriate reasons for pruning your trees. With the right tree pruning service and tree care, people and trees can coexist in any environment.

When Should You Trim Your Trees?

The majority of tree trimming can be performed virtually any time of the year. The majority of the work you are doing will be to remove dead, diseased branches so time of the year becomes insignificant. Having said that, you will get the best results during the beginning of the spring growing season. Some trees such as maples and birches will bleed sap if trimmed, but the bleeding ends fairly quickly and has no effect on the tree’s well being. Having said that, diseases can spread. So, you are going to want to consult a tree specialist to know when you can trim susceptible trees.

Tree Trimming Trinity FL
Tree Trimming Trinity FL
Tree Trimming Trinity FL

Tree Trimming the Right Way

Tree trimming should only be carried out outside the branch collar. You never want to damage the collar as it controls your tree’s health. Regardless if it is connected to a dead branch you have to cut beyond it. Undercutting is also important, particularly for bigger branches. This enables you to decrease the branches overall weight, and prevents you from unintentionally tearing the bark.

Tree Trimming Practices

Tree trimming techniques come in many forms to handle different needs. If you want to maintain a healthy, mature tree, and make certain it is safe for your household then you may have to employ any number of techniques.

  • Cleaning removes branches and limbs that may be diseased or dying
  • Pruning allows more light and air movement through the tree’s crown
  • Raising removes limbs from lower on the tree to provide room for building, vehicles and pedestrians
  • Reduction helps to reduce the size of the tree while keeping it structurally sound

Tree Pruning Trinity FL

How Much Tree Pruning Do You Need?

Your trees sizes, species, and age will determine the proper amount to trim. For example, you can trim more from young trees than you can for old ones. It is easier for a tree to recover from a light trim than from a substantial one. Either way, you must avoid over trimming your trees. You’ll want to try to keep the foliage spread out equally at the lower portion of the crown and along the bigger limbs. To tell the truth, in most cases it is best to just leave the old trees alone. Mature tree trimming should only be reserved for emergency situations such as when they become hazardous.

Should You Dress Open Wounds?

The consensus among tree service professionals is that covering up tree trimming wounds is not a good idea. Tree wound dressings do nothing at all to help the tree. If you need one for cosmetic reasons, you should use only thin, nontoxic materials.

Contracting Tree Trimming Professionals

Speaking of tree experts, with the exception of the simplest of trims, you really need to hire a tree trimming service to handle your tree pruning needs. Tree trimming jobs can be quite dangerous, and as the size of the tree in question increases so does the risk of injury. The branches can fall on you. You can fall off your ladder. If you need to trim trees above ground, need power equipment, or in close proximity utility lines, you will need to hire a professional tree trimming service.

Gulf Coast Tree Service can examine your exact tree trimming needs to enhance the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. Tree care technicians also have the training, tools, necessary safety equipment, and liability insurance to handle all your tree trimming needs. Call Us today at (727) 312-0122 for a Free Quote.

Tree Trimming Trinity FL

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